Information Technology


Software Engineering

  • Entry Requirements: Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor Degree
  • Experience Required: Entry level to experienced

You have a passion for computer design and programming (software engineering), enjoy a desk-based job and can work solo or as part of a team. Software engineering is essential in all mid to large aviation businesses. Your work is integral to the entire business but you’ll usually end up specialising. For example, within Flight Operations, software engineers work on projects such as the Electronic Flight Bag (Paperless Cockpit), airline operations control systems, flight crew rostering systems and fuel management systems. Each system is important to the 24/7 airline operation and has numerous interfaces that rely on a number of inputs. Your job satisfaction comes from seeing tangible results in the industry and your work is always challenging.

Website Design & User Experience (UI)

  • Entry Requirements: Diploma, Bachelor Degree or industry experience
  • Experience Required: Entry level roles to experienced roles

You are passionate about website design and technology, and you are self-motivated and creative. An airline’s website and Apps are its shop front. The customer’s digital experience can determine whether the customer purchases a flight, so engaging content, clear navigation, consistency and intuitive design are all key to customer loyalty and sales.   Airlines and large aviation organisations invest heavily in digital retail platforms so aviation industry web design and user experience skills are in high demand.

Data Science & Analytics

  • Entry Requirements: Diploma, Bachelor or industry experience
  • Experience Required: Mid to senior experience level roles

You are technically and mathematically minded, work well in a team and enjoy working with sophisticated technologies. Data Science and Analytics is a growing field and has broad applications. For example at Qantas, data science is used to combine Digital, Business and Sales to deliver strategic insights for commercial decision making. At Boeing a Data Scientist might work on an analytics project with Defence to mitigate risk and threats.

System design, development, integration & testing

  • Entry Requirements: Diploma, Bachelor or industry experience
  • Experience Required: Mid to senior experience required

You have a passion for problem-solving and technology, are reliable and self-motivated. The aviation industry relies on robust, web designed platforms to operate consistently and efficiently. Systems include large multifunctional systems such as sales & reservations systems that integrate customer facing websites with sales platforms, frequent flyer platforms and revenue control systems to name a few. The creation, upgrade and maintenance of these systems is significant, creating interesting change and project management opportunities.

Program Management

  • Entry Requirements: Diploma, Bachelor or industry experience
  • Experience Required: Mid to senior experience required

You’re a great communicator, well-organised and work well in teams. A Program Management role is the job of coordinating all aspects of a project or a work stream, managing projects through to completion. This involves managing people, resources, budgets and stakeholders and is large scale in aviation, often running over several years. Program Management is rewarding as programs are often cross functional, providing access and insights into different parts of the organisation.

Network Security

  • Entry Requirements: Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor or industry experience
  • Experience Required: Entry level to senior experience level

You are passionate about technology, reliable, can work alone or as part of a team and have great attention to detail. In commercial and military aviation industries, network security is crucial and well resourced. The Australian Defence force has contracts with large aviation technology companies to research, design, develop and maintain its network security, advising on and mitigating threats. In the commercial side of aviation, network security is important for protecting passenger information but also ensuring the security of every system an airline, airport or air services provider uses.