Safety & Security



  • Entry Requirements: Year 10 or above plus 2 years full time work experience or equivalent
  • Experience Required: No prior fire fighting experience required

You thrive on change, you’re technically-minded and you don’t like being stuck indoors or behind a desk. No two days are ever the same in an Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter role. You are calm under pressure and work well in a team. Most days you’ll provide first aid services to passengers and crew, maintain fire fighting equipment or provide technical advice on fire safety. It’s not all about jumping out of a fire truck and fighting fire. It’s a physically and emotionally challenging job, you work on a 24 hour roster system with accommodation, food and fitness facilities provided whilst on shift.

Training is a 15 week intensive course provided by your employer, Airservices, at their training facility in Melbourne. You’ll complete other certifications and approvals all through your career with on-the-job training.


  • Entry Requirements: Year 12 or equivalent
  • Experience Required: No prior qualifications or experience required

You can handle responsibility and have a sense of pride in keeping Australia safe. Border Force Officers are the officers at immigration and customs control and Australia’s first line of defence for security. You’re a team player, your job is extremely important as you’ll check international mail, passenger luggage and aircraft cargo to find illegal goods trying to get through our borders. Once on the Border Force team you can specialise in investigations or Detective Dog teams if you’d like to hone your detection skills or work daily with animals. No prior experience is necessary and there’s great opportunity to gain more qualifications on-the-job. The Border Force Team will provide you with 12 month training course.

If you’re looking for more Border Force career diversity, Graduate (Degree) trainee programs with 10 months training are available. You get the chance to try out different roles whilst working to find what you love doing best. There is a great free online employment suitability self-assessment tool on the Border Force website.


  • Entry Requirements: Bachelor Degree
  • Experience Required: Entry to Mid Level Role

You have a deep sense of pride in Australia, a passion for unique and rare plants and animals and thrive in a diverse environment. Biosecurity and Quarantine Officers inspect incoming animals, plants, and products to protect Australia from pests and diseases. You’re an independent thinker. Working as a Quarantine Officer, you inspect passenger baggage and freight for imported plants, animals, and products, such as timber, seeds and dried fruits.

At the airport and behind the scenes you thrive on using a range of sophisticated technologies. You are involved in surveillance and monitoring risk areas which focus on assessing and managing potential biosecurity threats at Australia’s airports. You love having a unique and interesting career, no two days are the same. There are plenty of opportunities for your career to go down many paths from here. Biosecurity and Quarantine Officers are employed by federal and state government departments.


  • Security Check Point Officer: Year 12 or equivalent / No prior knowledge required
  • Airport Security Officer: Diploma/Cert IV / Mid Level Role

You enjoy a relaxed environment, love working as part of a team, moving around physically and not being stuck behind a desk for long periods. There are two types of security checkpoint officers, the officers who screen bags through security check points, and airport security officers who manage overall security of the airport. Security Check Point Officers are employed by contracted companies under the guidance of the Department of Home Affairs. It’s a great entry level position providing on-the-job training. You’ll work inside the airport terminal at security check points and provide safety, security and reassurance to passengers.

As an Airport Security Officer you’re employed by the airport, there is great variety on the job and no two work days are the same, duties can be; monitoring obstacle/obstruction lighting, Bird & Wildlife Management, issuing and cancelling Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS) to cover changes in airport operational standards. As a people person with good diplomacy skills you’ll liaise between personnel from Airservices Australia, airlines, government agencies, airport tenants and aircraft operators about airport operational safety matters.