Aircraft Technician

  • Entry Requirements: General Entry

You have a passion for aviation and technology, you enjoy a hands-on job and can work solo or as part of a team. Aircraft Technicians are essential to keep Defence aircraft ready to fly at any time. Your work is at the cutting edge of military aviation technology, monitoring, maintaining and repairing advanced aircraft systems. You’ll be trained on braking systems, hydraulic and power systems, fuel lines, turbines and power plants. Your job satisfaction comes from seeing tangible results and this job could take you across Australia and overseas.

Aeronautical Engineer

  • Entry Requirements: Officer Entry

You are passionate about technology and aviation and you are self-motivated with an eye for detail. As an engineer working in Defence, you work at the forefront of aviation technology to design, construct and maintain fixed wing and rotary aircraft. You will be part of team responsible for developing new ideas and capabilities, with the latest technology and expertise. Throughout your career you will receive training on mechanical, electrical, avionics and armament systems of various aircraft, which keeps the job exciting and ever changing.

Air Traffic Controller (Mission Controller)

  • Entry Requirements: Officer Entry

You are responsible and can make decisions in a high-pressure situations. You are technically and mathematically minded, work well in a team and enjoy working with sophisticated technologies. As a Defence Air Traffic Controller you do more than just control airspace from a tower, you might be called on to control the airspace over a battlefield, having to consider enemy activity as well as friendly force activity in the area. It’s a responsible, exciting and very rewarding job that can take you anywhere.


  • Entry Requirements: Officer Entry

You have an ambition to fly and you love excitement and responsibility. Defence trains pilots to fly fighter aircraft, transport aircraft and helicopters. You could be piloting search and rescue missions or medical evacuations, transporting troops and supplies into disaster zones or carrying out covert surveillance missions. Flying as a pilot offers a lot of variety and excellent leadership opportunities. You can progress to be a military flying instructor or experimental test pilot and you might get the opportunity to work overseas.


  • Entry Requirements: General Entry

You’re a great communicator, well-organised and work well in teams. Loadmasters coordinate all aspects of cargo loading, aircraft weight distribution and airborne delivery. Including equipment, supplies, fuel, vehicles and personnel. You’ll also be responsible for the safe delivery of equipment, vehicles and personnel by runway or parachute, and for managing air-to-air refuelling equipment. If you like to be challenged both physically and mentally this role could be a good fit for you.

Ground Crew

  • Entry Requirements: General Entry

You are organised, reliable, and you like a to work in a fast paced environment. As Ground Crew you coordinate the logistics that keep the operation running. You are trained to operate forklifts and specialist equipment, load and unload vehicles and aircraft, refuel aircraft, coordinate runway sweeping, handle passenger movements and much more. This is a rewarding role where you are always part of a team, with good job security and the opportunity to travel.